How To Choose The Right Garage Door Colour

Since there is a wide range of garage door colours and designs available in the market, choosing the right one for your home or property can be a headache. To make your home as aesthetically pleasing as possible, here are some helpful tips to guide you when choosing the right colour for your garage door.

Colour Matching

It is always a must to consider matching the colour of your garage door to the shade of your house, or else it will look awkward and unpleasant. Matching the colour will make sure that your garage door looks in sync with your home and not too large that it dominates your entire property’s aesthetics. To achieve colour unity, you should go for a colour that creates a clean and smooth line. You may consider the timeless and classic crisp white colours for an ultimate clean look.

Be subtle with the contrast

Although it is worth matching the colour of your garage door and home, it is not a sin to create a little contrast either. If you want to be a little bit playful with your home’s outdoor aesthetics, you may choose a different colour for the garage door. However, you have to make sure to create a subtle difference without looking out of place.

Matching with your home’s trim colours is a NO

Some might consider choosing a certain garage door colour to match with their home’s trims such as fascias, gutters, woodworks, and more. But as much as how tempting that is, you should avoid doing that. Or else, your garage door will look out of place and awkward.

Avoid too many colours

Another thing you should not do is to use more than one colour on the garage door as it will make your property look like a rainbow or ice cream van. Although eye-catching, but looks funny for the passersby.

Colours to choose from

There are so many garage door colours available in the market. But among the most popular ones are blacks, whites, reds, blues, beiges, and greys. These colours have been proven and tested by thousands of property owners. You can see them at other people’s garages whenever and wherever you go out for a walk or drive.

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