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▪ Rapid door with high mechanical strength
▪ Equally suitable to interior and exterior applications, especially in windy areas or those with pressure differ- entials.


▪ Protects against wind and climate conditions (class 3 resistance to wind).
▪ High speed of operation with low noise level.
▪ High corrosion resistance.
▪ Pre-mounted / pre-installed doors.
▪ Integrated safety systems (avoid impact damage).
▪ Ideal for industries with hygiene requirements.
▪ Facilitates traffic flow.
▪ Suitable for exterior use.
▪ Easy to mount, saving assembly time.
▪ Saves costs.


▪ Anodised extruded aluminium guides with dust guard brushes and cable housing (hidden cables).
▪ Anodised extruded aluminium lintel.
▪ Shaft, support panel and other fixtures in stainless steel.
▪ PVC fabric with strong nylon lining, grammage 950 g/m2, thickness 1mm, with two rows of 400 x 1200mm windows.


▪ STANDARD MOTOR: 3×380/400 VAC+N+PE, 0.65 kW, 90 – 115 rpm, IP54.
▪ Door speed: approx. 0.6 – 0.7 m/s.
▪ Electronic limit switches.
▪ Parachute braking mechanism.
▪ Low noise gears.
▪ Unlocking with handles and chain.

Control unit

▪ Digitally controlled door positioning and adjustment.
▪ Standard model equipped with 3P+N+T CEE plug, 16A, 400V, IP65
. ▪ Control voltage 24V, 50Hz.
▪ Long life mechanical block contacts.
▪ External connection by means of a set of high quality terminals.
▪ IP65 protective case in ABS plastic for mounting in positive temperature areas.
▪ Three phase 3×380/400 VAC+N+PE connection.


▪ IP68 photocell barrier installed as standard.
▪ Emergency stop button inside and outside
▪ Unlocking with handles and chain.

Optional features

▪ Door manufactured ENTIRELY in STAINLESS STEEL (guides, lintel, control panel, base and screws in 304 stainless steel).
▪ Unlocking with handles and chain.
▪ Several opening options: radar, handle, magnetic field and remote control.
▪ Flashing safety lighting.
▪ Motor cover: normal, IP65 or metal.
▪ Additional viewing windows.
▪ White lacquered frames.
▪ Hidden straps (inverted fabric).
▪ Front motor.
▪ TURBO OPTION – opening speed 1 m/s

At Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd we pride ourselves in being able to Design, Develop and Manufacture all our products in house at our bespoke workshop.


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