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Industrial Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Industrial Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Fire protection is fast becoming a major consideration for many new build and refurbishment projects, particularly in the locality of kitchen and cooking areas / serveries where potential fire hazards are a real risk. And we’re also aware that, especially in areas like receptions and serveries, you want it to look good, too.

Our innovative, bespoke range of stylish and effective Flameshield Shutters gives you the fire-safety protection you need, with clean lines and discreet internal motors also enhancing the aesthetics of your secured premises. Both the Flameshield 120 Commercial Shutter and the heavy-duty 240 Industrial version are fully compliance-tested, suitable for a wide range of locations and applications and can be powder-coated in a colour of your choice.

Fire Rated Roller Shutter Features

  • Internal tubular motor
  • Stylish design to assist building aesthetics
  • Battery back up for power failure
  • Low voltage switching
  • Fire signal relay release
  • Fully controlled descent
  • Audiovisual option to warn of fire shutter in operation with voice record
  • 50 mm flat lath option
  • Powder coating option to compliment building fabric
  • Assessments for widths up to 10m wide

Flameshield 240 Industrial Shutter

Staffordshire Industrial Doors Fire Rated Shutters 300 6
Staffordshire Industrial Doors Fire Rated Shutters 300 5

This fire shutter is designed to provide a heavy duty solution for industry and is a popular option for a wide range of industrial applications.

So if you’re looking for proven quality and built-in reliability when it comes to meeting fire safety demands the Flameshield 240 industrial fire shutter is the heavy duty solution for industry. This still remains a very popular product, as it is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

Size Parameters

The shutter test relates to the 1HR/2HR fire resistance. The shutters are generally intended for protection of a range of openings in masonry / concrete, steel, steel stud or timber partitions. The maximum clear openings are for 4000mm wide x 2500mm high, or in a partition system for 1 hour up to an area of 10sq mtrs, principally this incorporates the BRE test FG 7941N which relates to a tested fire shutter in a stud partition, the opening must be fire rated to suit and be capable of carrying the weight of the shutter. Where the shutters are used to protect serveries it is assumed that the counter is composed of non-combustible material and the counter is of sufficient width to ensure that the bottom rail movement under heating cannot result in the rail overhanging the counter. Shutters over 3500m up to 4800mm will be traditional curved 75mm lath construction, based on a maximum area of 10sq mtrs. Shutters under 4000mm clear width will have 50mm guides and shutters over this width will have the traditional 65mm guides

Battery Backup Unit

Principally the tube motor fire shutter requires a maintained supply. If this cannot be achieved then effectively the shutter will require a battery back up unit. If under fire conditions there is a power failure, the shutter must have a means of ensuring closure, the unit provided will give the facility for at least one operation under fire conditions. The dimensions of the battery backup are 200mm (wide) x 130mm (long) x 70mm (deep)

Paint Finish Option

To compliment the aesthetics of your application, this product can be power coated to any BS or RAL colour (subject to availability)


Self coiling, Chain operated (through a gear manual unit), Electrically operated 1PH / 3PH.

Electrical Operation

All electric fire shutters are available in 3 phase, 415volts, 50hz or 1 phase, 240 volts, 50hz. The shutters are driven by a geared electric motor, which has an integral controlled descent mechanism, emergency hand chain facility and push button starter. The shutter rate of descent is controlled through the gears being constantly engaged, the closure speed is approximately 100mm per second. The clutch can be reset and the door can be raised and lowered in a normal manner. Each motor incorporates a relay inhibitor to prevent the solenoid “burning out” Activation is generally by means of a fusible link, solenoid release or both. Units available in 1 phase or 3 phase. The motor unit has the facility to simulate a fire test via a pull and reset cord.

Self Coiling Operation

All manual fire shutters are designed that the door should be left in the open position and close only under fire conditions. The self coiling manual fire shutter is under sprung so that it closes in the event of a fire. The self coiling shutters have secondary guide channels to govern a drop bar: this falls under its own weight once the fusible link has been activated.

Maximum overall shutter size

2850mm wide x 3000mm high.

This manual fire shutter is designed to be left in the open position and close under fire conditions.

Frequent use is not recommended, the shutters are under sprung to enable the door to close quickly under fire conditions.

Release Mechanisms

Fire relay and key switch (requires maintained supply, battery back up needed if no maintained supply). Fire relay, key switch and fusible link if no fire alarm.

Fire Relay

Principally the commonly used means of release, the characteristics mimic the use of the solenoid on the conventional fire shutter, again linked to the fire alarm, the shutter rather than closing manually through the gearbox will of course be powered down. A volt free signal is required from the fire alarm.

Fusible link Release

On activation, the link which is soldered link separates and releases at 68 degrees centigrade, on the manual shutter this will release the drop bar and the shutter will close under its own weight, on the electric shutters the manual brake release is activated and the shutter will close under a controlled manner.

Manual Solenoid Release

All solenoid release mechanisms are designed to be linked into the fire alarm, the signal required from the fire alarm is 24 volt D.C. 0.5 amps on activation. The signal from the fire alarm will trigger the manual brake release and allow the door to close under a controlled descent.

Auto Solenoid Release

Again. this is linked to the fire alarm and the signal required from the fire alarm is 24 volt D.C. 0.5 amps. This is the most commonly used activation allowing for frequent testing and re-setting, when the door is returned to the open position (after removal of the fire signal), the solenoid can be automatically reset.

Audio Visual Warning (FDI)

Principally this unit is designed to delay the closing of the fire shutter: generally the fire alarm is linked to the audio visual unit and from the audio visual unit straight into the key switch. There is no need for a separate relay: there is already a relay in the FDI. On activation from the fire alarm the unit starts to “flash & sound”, this unit contains a programmable timer which effectively delays the signal to the relay in the panel to close the door. 230mm wide x 240mm long x 120mm deep.

Roller Shutter Fire Rating Test Results

Fire rates roller shutter doors have to pass a rigorous safety test to ensure they are fully compliance-tested. Certified to 1hr, 2hr and 4hr, Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd’s fire rated roller shutter doors provide resistance to both intruders and the damaging and potentially devastating effects of fire.

Industrial Fire Rated Roller Shutters

Staffordshire Industrial Doors Fire Rated Shutters 300 1
Staffordshire Industrial Doors Fire Rated Shutters 300 2
Staffordshire Industrial Doors Fire Rated Shutters 300 3
Staffordshire Industrial Doors Fire Rated Shutters 300 7


What our clients say about us

S Smith
S Smith
15:18 23 Dec 22
An efficient and friendly company. The two lads who came out to fit the door were punctual, polite and worked very hard, they were a credit to the business. Everything was done professionally.
David Pearson
David Pearson
09:26 07 Apr 22
We live in a very old property with outbuildings when it comes to exceptional service and professionalism we would not go any where else but to Mark and the team at Staffordshire Industrial doors .Mark provided us with numerous options and profiles to ensure that our doors matched the fabric of the buildings and enhanced them whilst providing security. This level of interaction with the customer is old school and very much lacking elsewhere across this sector .The installation team were excellent they were totally professional and respected the buildings and had pride in their work they are a credit to the firm .The result is a superb installation .
Bky Chemical Solutions
Bky Chemical Solutions
11:31 09 Feb 22
We have used Staffs Industrial Doors for many years over 2 locations. Every single visit is a pleasure! From arranging with their office team to the visit; with Staffs Industrial Doors I feel comfortable, assured and the work quality is always outstanding. Highly recommend these guys.
Joanne Kumar
Joanne Kumar
11:40 07 Feb 22
Really impressed with the service and price. We had several quotes and the easiest and quickest was Staffs Industrial Doors, they were also the most reasonably priced. Turn around was quick, all staff were friendly and helpful. Really happy with our new roller shutter. Thanks very much.
grace porter
grace porter
12:48 03 Feb 20
I highly recommend Staffs Industrial Doors. The service I received from them from getting the initial quote, through to the installation was professional and punctual. The guys who did the installation showed great respect for my premises and worked very hard to complete the job quickly and professionally.
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