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▪ Large doors for high traffic indoor areas with fast opening and closing maneuvers.
▪ Installation in any industrial sector: agri-food, logistics, automotive, pharmaceutical,…


▪ Doors are supplied pre-installed and with all screws and fastening hardware.
▪ Easy programming and adjustment.
▪ Low maintenance.
▪ Unique safety system.
▪ Time and cost savings.
▪ Easy and very fast installation, with front access to fixings and wiring.
▪ Guiding system protected by special PE profile with low friction coefficient.


▪ Anodized extruded aluminum lintel and guides.
▪ Guides with front access cover for easy manipulation to hide fixings and cables.
▪ Support console, fixings and screws in stainless steel.
▪ PVC fabric with high resistance interwoven nylon, weight 950g/m2, with transparent window 400 x 1200mm. Number of windows according to size.
▪ Guiding system protected by special PE profile, with low friction coefficient and better wear resistance than standard PE.


▪ Standard motor: 3×230 VAC+PE, IP54
▪ Door opening and closing speed: 1-1.3 m/s standard (depending on model). Possibility of speed increase according to door dimensions (on request).
▪ Electronic limit switches, with absolute door positioning by encoder.
▪ Low noise level gears.
▪ With anodized aluminum motor cover as standard.

Infraca IF10VF control unit

▪ Control panel designed and developed by Infraca, 1×230 VAC+PE at 50-60Hz, with frequency inverter.
▪ Digitally controlled door positioning and adjustment.
▪ IP56 protective case in ABS plastic for mounting in positive temperature areas.
▪ Protected by the use of class II hardware and reinforced insulation.
▪ Case includes display window for ease of use when box is closed.


▪ IP68 photocell barrier installed as standard.
▪ Emergency stop button inside and outside
▪ lighting as standard on doors less than 2.5m high.
▪ LEDs flashing lights IP67 integrated in the guide.

Optional features

▪ Door COMPLETELY manufactured in STAINLESS STEEL (guides, lintel, console, feet and screws in stainless steel 304).
▪ Additional or custom-made peepholes.
▪ Option of white lacquered profiles.
▪ Touchless push buttons (optionally integrated in guide).
▪ Opening with 1-point laser motion sensor.

At Staffs Industrial Doors Ltd we pride ourselves in being able to Design, Develop and Manufacture all our products in house at our bespoke workshop.


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